1000L Electric heating mixer

  • Model: 1000L

Basic Information


  • The diversified high speed homogenizer can powerfully mix solid liquid products and dissolve the material like AES,AESA,LSA etc, it save energy consumption and shorten the production time.
  • The pot body is welded with three layers imported stainless steel .The whole machine and pipes are mirror polished which is definitely satisfied with the GMP standard.
  • according to different processing ,the main pot can be heated and cooled down . Steam heating or electric heating . Discharge from the bottom by the homogenizer or by a transfer pump.
1000l-electric-heating-mixer-05Mixing tank combination horizontal motor
1000l-electric-heating-mixer-06Shampoo mixing tank
1000l-electric-heating-mixer-07Liquid washing mixing tank combination
1000l-electric-heating-mixer-08Vacuum shampoo mixing tank


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