A complete shampoo, liquid soap production line, including what machines?

Many customers want to start a new project, small liquid washing production line, but they don't know how to choose the production equipment, they don't know a complete production line for liquid washing need what equipment?What are the USES of these devices?
Now I would like to briefly introduce the equipment needed for a complete production line:


RO Pure water treatment equipment ---Liquid washing mixer and homogenizer---Storage tanks---Filling machine---Capping machine---Labeling machine---Inkjet printer (Optional: Aluminum foil sealing machine, conveyor, plastic film shrinking machine )




RO Pure water treatment:Used to remove impurities in water, bacteria and suspended solids, water after treatment for the production of cosmetics in order to extend the shelf life of cosmetics, make the cosmetics have good quality.



Liquid washing mixer and homogenizer:It’s used for produce shampoo, bath shower gel, liquid soap, dish washing, hand washing, lubricating oil etc. High speed disperser .might mixing and disperse viscously, solid and liquid etc. various kind of raw material will be dissolve which is such as AES, AESA LSA, during liquid production which can save energy consumption and shorten production the and shorten production period,Main adopts stepless timing device which reduce babble occur under low temperature and high viscosity condition less air bubble will be formed .


Storage tanks: Production of good products need to be stored in a tank stand, and then sent to the filling.



Filling machine:Fill the production of good cosmetics into the bottle



Capping machine: Capping the bottle lid 



Labeling machine:Label the bottle




Inkjet printer:Print date and batch number on bottle



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