RHJ-A--100 Vacuum homogenizer emulsifying mixer ( hydraulic lifting type )

Vacuum homogenizer emulsifying mixer is a necessary equipment for producing various kinds of cream , ointments, cosmetics, chemicals, food, milk and other products. Vacuum emulsifying mixer homogenizer has simple structure, convenient operation, novel appearance and reliable performance. Is biology, cosmetics, chemical industry, food, oil and other customers batch production good choice. The vacuum emulsifier produced by our company is specially designed and produced for industrial design, chemical industry, cosmetics, food and beverage. The mixing mode is varied, the customer can choose either one or the other, and also can make various kinds of stirring blades according to the customer's requirements.



Vacuum emulsifying mixer unit is composed of vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine tank, water tank, oil tank , heating system, mixing system, vacuum system, electric lifting system, operation control cabinet and pipeline system. It is the most suitable cream equipment for producing high-grade skin care products or products .


Fuel tank dissolved 40L; water tank dissolved 60L; Master pot dissolved 120L, the work of dissolved 100L; ultimate vacuum 0.09MPa.            
The material of this machine: the inner wall is made of 316 high quality stainless steel, the jacket and outer layer is made of 304 high quality stainless steel.
Oil tank and water tank: both the second layer, the inner wall thickness 4mm, the outer thickness of 4mm.(Stainless steel material has excellent corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility, and in a wide temperature range series features such as strong toughness, so in heavy industry, light industry, supplies industry and building decoration and other industries has extensive application)
Water tank and oil tank heating system: jacket heating power is 8KW, and the outer layer has the asbestos insulation device, which guarantees the reduction of heat energy and avoid scalding staff.
Water tank and oil tank mixing system: both tank of the ration of the mixing disperser 0.55KW, making oil and water heating even more quickly.


Vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine tank: made of three layers, the inner wall thickness of 5mm, the middle layer thickness of 5mm, the outer layer thickness of 3mm, special light treatment. The machine adopts the homogenizer, arbitrarily set the homogenization time according to different products, voltage can be customization , Power 3KW motor, the maximum speed of 3000 rpm . Homogenizer using advanced German technology, unique structure, the material in the multi-layer rotor and stator high-speed movement in the gap between the formation of a strong hydraulic shear, dispersion of materials, At the same time produce centrifugal squeeze, grinding, collision and other comprehensive force, the final full mixing of materials, mixing, refinement to meet the desired requirements .With the lid with lighting observation hole, ready to grasp the status of pot products emulsification. The entrance is convenient for the special flavor adding process, the operation is convenient for discharging the material at the bottom of the pan, the pipe can be directly fed into the filling machine for dispensing, and at the same time, the material is discharged again for easy cleaning.


Vacuum system: voltage can be customization , power 0.37KW, vacuum absorbing material, using rotary vane vacuum pump to eliminate foaming treatment, improve homogeneity effect.
Mixing system: equipped with transparent observation hole, variable frequency speed adjusting and scraping wall stirring, voltage can be customization , power 1.1KW,0-120 RPM.
Heating system: a 8KW electric heating device is attached at the bottom of the main engine as the host heating.
Hydraulic lifting system: voltage can be customization, power 1.5kw, the hydraulic lifting operation is convenient, can effectively make the material to be emulsified in the enclosed condition.


Control system: control system with the installation of digital time relay, it can be adjusted according to the process and characteristics of different products homogenizer speed and working hours. His control cabinet, put all the machine power on and off temperature display, control, voltage, current and frequency control of motor speed, homogenizer time setting reasonable together. To operate at a glance.



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