Yuxiang Machinery newest type RHJ-E -350L vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

RHJ-E-350L lifting vacuum emulsification machine, the upper two-way mixing design, the bottom of the internal and external circulation homogenizer, Siemens PLC control system, all the feed, discharge, water inlet, vacuum and other valves, all using PLC automatic touch control, cone Bottom design, no dead ends, no residue left.

RHJ-E -350L vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

The upper part of the unique ribbon spiral two-way scraping wall mixing, the inner paddle and outer paddle can be set through the PLC, to achieve the timing switch direction, scraper wall design to avoid the inner wall of the pot scraper long-term operation by scraper, but also to ensure the material and jacket Between the best heat exchange effect



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Focus on the details of the design, stirring blade hollow design, reduce stirring resistance, enhance material penetration, both to effectively protect the mixing motor, but also increase the material fusion effect

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Using Siemens high-speed touch screen control, PLC can display the set and the actual value, set and monitor the limit data, can automatically remember and read the recipe process, the production of early warning.

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High-speed high-speed homogeneous shear, the maximum speed of up to 12,000 rev / min, the production of creams and creams more delicate to ensure product quality; special cone pan body design to ensure complete discharge, no residue; Level clamp connections, two-way butterfly valve control flow, in full compliance with GMP standards.

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Lid with a mirror lamp, you can timely observation of the pot overall material handling; The main process valves are used PLC automatic control, vacuum pressure using digital display.

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RHJ-E-350L vacuum homogenization emulsifier definition:
◆ Emulsifier mainly refers to the material in a vacuum state, the use of high shear homogenizer quickly and evenly one or more phase distribution at least one other continuous phase (water phase, oil phase, powder, etc.) the use of mechanical belt To the strong kinetic energy, the material in the stator and rotor in the gap, per minute to withstand hundreds of thousands of high-speed shear, centrifugal impact squeeze impact and other integrated role, the moment evenly dispersed emulsion, after repeated high-frequency cycle, Ultimately no bubbles delicate and stable high-quality products.
3.2 Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier main components System:
◆ Cabinet control system (304L stainless steel shell, Schneider brand switch control button)
◆ Heating thermostat system (steam heating, heating fast, precise temperature control)
◆ Slow mixing function (ribbon-type scratch scraping the end of the wall scraping)
◆ homogeneous emulsion function (high-speed shear homogeneous head, speed 0-3600 rev / min)
◆ Vacuum system (vacuum up to -0.095MPA)
◆ Oil pot
3.3 Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier performance and features:
◆ Homogeneous way: the bottom of the high-speed internal and external shear (German technology homogeneous structure, the highest shear fineness up to 2um)
◆ Mixing method: two-way ribbon scraping wall mixing
◆ Stirring, homogeneous use of imported inverter speed, to meet the requirements of different production processes
◆ Vacuum degassing material to achieve sterile requirements, the use of vacuum suction (water, oil, powder)
◆ Three-layer stainless steel pot body, mirror polished, in full compliance with GMP requirements



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